Slovak Society of International Law is a civil association, which brings together scientists, academics and students, professionals in the filed of international law and related disciplines, as well as other enthusiasts of international law in Slovakia. Among the members of the Society are current or former important representatives of Slovakia in international (legal) bodies and organizations (Tomka), professors and assistant professors of international law and other related disciplines (Klučka, Mráz, Šmid, Vršanský, Jankuv), practitioners working at the Foreign Service of the Slovak Republic (Kollár, Varšo, Grexa, Kandráčová, Špaček, Illková, Štefánek, Villacís, Klanduch), representatives of the SAS (Colotka, Magurová), representatives of the Slovak Bar Association (Barica, Strážnický, and others).

SSIL has the status of the scientific society at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. The Society has currently more than 120 members, with strong interest in membership noted in particular following the General Assembly in 2003. The supreme body of the Society is the General Assembly, which meets every three years. Last General Assembly was held in March 2014. Normal everyday activity of the Society is conducting through its Executive Committee composed of nine member elected by the General Assembly for three years. The Executive Committee consists of a chairman of the SSIL, two vice-chairmen, secretary, treasurer and members. Statute of the SSIL can be downloaded here (in Slovak only).


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Slovak Society of International Law was elected in 2017 in the following composition:


Professor Marek Šmid
President of the SSIL

Dagmar Lantajová, PhD.
Vice-President of the SSIL

Metod Špaček, Ph.D.
Vice-President of the SSIL

Zuzana Magurová, LL.M.
Vice-President of the SSIL

Matej Kereš
Secretary of the SSIL

Milan Kollár

Peter Lysina, PhD.

Katarína Šmigová, PhD., LL.M.

Marcel Vysocký, PhD.



Janka Divincová

Peter Zemaník

Honorary Presidents of the SSIL

Peter Tomka

Peter Tomka
Born in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, on 1 June 1956. Member of the International Court of Justice...